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Use fermented milk in your favourite recipes with the conversion table.

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Fermented milk is milk with the addition of a fermenting agent or select lactic bacteria to transform the lactose, milk sugar, into lactic acid. It is a natural process used to create the unique, lightly acidic taste with a creamy and flavourful texture of our organic Nordic fermented milk.

Expiry date

Date until which the product should be consumed if kept under the appropriate conditions (between 1° C and 4° C). This date is inscribed on top of the dairy product's container

Is it normal for my fermented milk container to swell out a bit?

Rest assured, this is a completely normal occurrence. The slight swelling sometimes caused by gas during the fermentation can continue even in the container. So don't worry, and bon appétit.

Just shake it up…

The normal texture of fermented milk is slightly lumpy. If you prefer a smoother texture, just shake it up for 10 seconds before serving.


Let's go, it's time to cook

Practical and versatile, fermented milk is without doubt the culinary aid that likes to help. On hand for all occasions, it can be used to prepare a multitude of daily recipes, from smoothies to vinaigrettes, or marinades and cakes... no wonder it is already the darling of home gourmets and other foodies. Searching for inspirational recipe ideas... click to learn more!