Unique characteristics that make a difference

With its bright yellow packaging, our Organic Nordic fermented milk adds a touch of freshness and vitality to your everyday recipes.

Rich, creamy and flavourful texture

Hard to resist this unique milky texture. Soft and subtle on the palate, fermented milk opens the door to a pleasant surprise.

Slightly acidic fresh taste

With its both complex and familiar taste, our fermented milk has earned its reputation. Adapting to any occasion, it will soon become your best go-to culinary aid.

Health and fermentation

Fermentation is a process that, in the kitchen as with our health, makes its mark. So why not take advantage of it!

Lower in fat than sour cream

Compared together, fermented milk is a solution lower in fat than regular sour cream, and boasts a short and simple list of ingredients.



Date until which the product should retain its freshness if it kept under the proper conditions (between 1°C and 4°C). This expiry date is written on top of the dairy product container.

Just shake it up…

The normal texture of fermented milk is slightly lumpy. If you prefer a smoother texture, just shake it up for 10 seconds before serving.



Let's go, it's time to cook


Grandma's fava bean soup


Panna cotta with fermented milk and white wine boreal berry jam


“Post-workout” Smoothie

Main dishes

Curry chicken marinated in fermented milk


Gourmet blueberry cookies


Backyard salad with caraway vinaigrette

Conversion chart

The fermentation


Where to find
fermented milk?